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Choosing the Best Moving Company

Choosing the Best Moving Company

A moving truck pulls into your driveway and out jumps the guy who will be handling all of your belongings. The employees of your moving company will have access to your home, kids and household goods while they are working for you, so finding a moving company that is reputable is imperative.

6 Considerations to Finding a Reputable Moving Company

  1. Get recommendations from friends, family and coworkers on the best moving company they have hired.
  2. Make sure the moving company you are using is licensed for the type of move you are needing help with. In addition to the drivers having a Class A CDL for driving a tractor trailer moving truck, certain licenses should be in place for relocations across state lines. The company needs a DOT number.
  3. Does the company perform background tests and random drug tests for potential and current employees? People with a clean record are more likely to show up on time, and to be honest in handling and delivering your belongings.
  4. Find out if the company has permanent staff or does it hire day labor. Day laborers are not likely to be background checked because the cost of running the checks are too high. A larger moving company will have a staff that is trained to pack and load in the most efficient manner possible, and they will be held to the standards of the moving company more easily than day laborers.
  5. Be a sleuth. Check reviews and make sure the moving company is really a member of the associations and organizations they say they are. If the local company is a member of a larger company, find out what qualifications they need to possess in order to be an agent for that enterprise.
  6.  Ask about the moving company’s valuation options and find out what level of valuation coverage is recommended for your move. According to Federal Law, a moving company must offer two options of coverage, full value protection and released value protection. Full value protection will cost more, but it is more comprehensive coverage.

Choosing a Good Company Will Make for a Seamless Move

Moving will always be stressful, whether your destination is across town or across the country, but working with a company you can trust will make a difference. Lint United Van Lines serves the Iowa City and Des Moines areas with superior packing and moving services. Fill out a request for estimate today for your upcoming move.