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How to Load a Moving Container Once you’ve packed all of your boxes, from the kitchen to the family room and the dining room, it’s time to load everything into a moving container. Make sure you’ve organized everything with your moving partner, so that the moving container is where you need it to be on moving […]
How to Pack Your Dining Room You will have to exercise additional caution while packing your dining room, but overall, the process shouldn’t be as overwhelming as packing your kitchen or family room because it doesn’t require as much preparation. Since the dining room is a non-essential room, you’re also able to pack at your convenience […]
How to Pack Your Family Room Your family room is likely the place where you spend most of your time, watching television, chatting with friends and even working on the computer. Make sure you pack your family room so all of your belongings still look great in your new home. Start by gathering all of […]
Get Ready to Pack Your Kitchen for a Move Gather supplies, so you are prepared to pack your kitchen for a move completely uninterrupted. This is a room that you usually wait until last to pack, because after all, you need to eat. That makes it even more important to get the job done fast. […]
What Should You Take on an International Move? Preparing for an international move is a stressful and exciting time. You are nervous about adapting to your new surroundings, but packing your belongings and getting your house ready for sale puts more pressing demands on you. You may need to think through how much of your […]
Move With Less Stress – Preparing for Moving Day Moving day is exciting and can be a stressful time, but you can alleviate some of the stress if you are prepared for the moving truck. Whether you are planning a long distance move or just moving across town, having your belongings organized and separating the items […]
Packing Your Bedroom For an Easier Move Your bedroom may have most of your heavier furniture, as well as multiple types of objects to be moved. If you’re prepared and organized, packing your bedroom will be fast and easy. Get Your Packing Materials Ready Sturdy boxes of various sizes and depths for clothes, books and […]
Moving Day Tips from Expert Movers You can take the stress out your move with a few moving day tips that will ensure that everything gets placed in the right room, and all of your items are accounted for the same day of delivery. The experts from Lint United Van Lines want to help make […]
Tips for Taking Inventory Before Your Move If you’ll be relocating in the near future, it’s a wise idea to take inventory of your belongings before you move – especially items that have monetary or sentimental value. Whether you plan to hire a moving company for packing, or you’re just trying to be organized before […]
Choosing the Best Moving Company A moving truck pulls into your driveway and out jumps the guy who will be handling all of your belongings. The employees of your moving company will have access to your home, kids and household goods while they are working for you, so finding a moving company that is reputable […]