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What Should You Take on an International Move?

What Should You Take on an International Move?

Preparing for an international move is a stressful and exciting time. You are nervous about adapting to your new surroundings, but packing your belongings and getting your house ready for sale puts more pressing demands on you.

You may need to think through how much of your household you want to move and which items are easier to replace or too expensive to move.

There are certainly some considerations when preparing for an international move.

Are you planning to return to your current home in 2 to 5 years?

If you are planning to return in a couple of years, it may be worth storing larger household items and even some treasures from the past or home décor that you really like. In the right climate controlled storage unit, furniture and boxes of household necessities will likely be in the same condition when you get back as when you left.

Does shipping or storage cost more than the item is worth?

If you know that shipping or renting a storage unit is going to cost more than your belongings are worth by the time you get back, selling might be the easiest option. You just have to look at your belongings and decide which ones are worth shipping because you love them, which you would rather replace anyway, and if selling or storing are the best options. Also, storage units that are different sizes, or climate controlled cost more money, so how much you want to spend per month on storage may play a role in how many of your belongings you part with.

Can you buy replacements cheaper overseas?

You may be heading to a country where the cost of living is cheaper, or where you will be making a much larger salary. If you can buy cheaper or will have more expendable income, you may want a new start with new home furnishings and décor.

Which clothing will be necessary in your new location?

If you are heading for warmer climates, your winter clothes may be unnecessary, so you can pack a little lighter. By the time you come back to the U.S., your wardrobe will likely be outdated.

If the climates are similar to that of Iowa, you may want to take enough clothes with you to get by for the entire year.

Fashion trends in your future home may not look like those of the Midwest. If you can decide before you leave if you wish to follow the trends or stick with your style, you might be able to pack a little lighter.

Which items will depreciate in value over time?

If shipping your car is too much of a hassle, and you plan to be gone for more than one year, it might be worth your time to clean it up and sell it. Do your research to find out how much you can replace your car for in your new country. Find out if public transportation is a faster and more cost effective way to get from your new home to work and you may not even need a car in your new location. In many cities around the world the average family does not own a car, because public transportation is so efficient.

No matter how much you are planning to ship overseas for your move, Lint United Van Lines can help with seamless and trustworthy international moving services. Contact us today if you are moving overseas from Iowa City, Cedar Rapids or Des Moines!