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How to Pack Your Kitchen for a Move

Get Ready to Pack Your Kitchen for a Move

Gather supplies, so you are prepared to pack your kitchen for a move completely uninterrupted. This is a room that you usually wait until last to pack, because after all, you need to eat. That makes it even more important to get the job done fast.

Packing Supplies for Your Kitchen

  • Sturdy Cartons – The kitchen holds many glass serving platters and dishes, and the weight adds up.
  • Packing Paper or Bubble Wrap – You want to separate the glass to avoid breakage.
  • Small Sealable Bags – These are great for putting salt and pepper shakers, sugar bowls, herbs and spices in to ensure the contents of the containers are indeed contained.
  • Packing Tape – You will want to close boxes thoroughly and make sure the bottoms are tightly secured to hold the weight of pots, pans and plates.
  • Felt-tip Markers – Label your kitchen equipment, dishes and cooking supplies to be found easily in your new home. The kitchen is one of the first rooms you will want fully set up after you arrive.

Packing Breakables for Your Move

First, tape the bottom of the moving box so it is fill bottom of carton with crushed paper

Flat Plates and Serving Trays

  • Wrap plates diagonally, tucking in overlapping ends
  • Use a second layer of paper for extra protection
  • Place the heaviest items on the bottom
  • Place plates on their sides, not on their bottoms
  • Fill empty spaces with crushed paper
  • Label the boxes with the contents, the word “Fragile” and an arrow toward the top. Write “This Side Up” on the top of the box.

Bowls with Lids

  • If very fragile, put a layer of packing tape between lid and pan, or tap lid to pan
  • Rest the lid upside down in the bowl
  • Wrap the bowl and lid together and securely
  • Wrap bowls the same way as you would plates with a diagonal paper.
  • Protect handles with extra packing paper

Cups and Pans

  • Layer packing paper between them
  • Wrap in a similar way to plates, but tuck the paper into the deeper pans and saucers
  • Place the smaller pans and saucers inside of larger ones if they are not a stackable set

Food Items

  • Do not take perishable foods with you, unless on a short trip and you have proper coolers
  • Take only food items that you know will travel well
  • Seal open boxes and bags of foods and pastas with tape
  • Place items that can easily spill in bags and seal securely

You can even trust us with your fine China or breakable family heirlooms, because our staff is trained to pack for the best possible protection. America’s roads are bumpy and even the best air-ride trailers can bounce on a long distance or cross country move, so packing correctly is important.

If you need professional packing or moving services, contact Lint United Van Lines today! We provide local, long distance, and international moving services for Iowa City, Coralville, Cedar Rapids, Des Moines and surrounding areas.