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Packing Your Bedroom For an Easier Move

Packing Your Bedroom For an Easier Move

Your bedroom may have most of your heavier furniture, as well as multiple types of objects to be moved. If you’re prepared and organized, packing your bedroom will be fast and easy.

Get Your Packing Materials Ready

  • Sturdy boxes of various sizes and depths for clothes, books and decorations
  • Packing paper or bubble wrap
  • Packing tape
  • Felt tip markers for labeling boxes

Packing Your Clothes

If you have seasonal clothes that will not be used before your move, pack those away now and stack them in a closet or corner so you have less to do during the last days before the move.

Leave hanging clothes on a hanger to keep them straight. You can fold them in half and put them in a large box, hang them in garment bags, or get a box with clothing rod.

Your dressers do not have to be emptied completely. Lighter clothing can be left in the drawers. Movers will wrap the drawers securely before moving to ensure nothing falls out. Jeans can get heavy if there is an entire drawer full of them, so you may want to pack them in a separate box.

Packing Bedroom Decorations, Breakables and books

When you’re packing books and breakable items, reinforce the bottom of the box with an extra strip of packing tape or two.

Wrap small items like clocks and decorations separately, padding the box with crushed paper. Using smaller boxes for these will help you avoid crushing glass and ceramic objects with the extra weight inside, and it will help ensure that those items are on top of larger, heavier boxes, rather than underneath.

Protect framed photos with packing paper and stand them on edge in a box and fill in extra space with paper or bubble wrap.

Sort books by size, pack them with the spine down, or standing on end. They get heavy, so put them in small boxes to avoid hurting your back.

When possible, keep heirloom photos, expensive jewelry and other irreplaceable items with you in your personal vehicle.

Protect Your Mattress during a Move

Moving is one of the few ways to rip or tear a perfectly good mattress. Ask your United Van Lines agent at Lint Van Lines about a mattress carton to protect your mattress from dirt and damage.

Purge as You Pack

Keep a waste basket and donation box in your room as you pack. When you see items that you have not used in a long time, or don’t think you will need at your new house, eliminate it before you move it, because once it is in your new home, you are more likely to store it.

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