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Moving Day Tips from Expert Movers

Moving Day Tips from Expert Movers

You can take the stress out your move with a few moving day tips that will ensure that everything gets placed in the right room, and all of your items are accounted for the same day of delivery.

The experts from Lint United Van Lines want to help make your relocation experience seamless by offering their advice.

Before Your Moving Truck Arrives

  1. Call utility companies a few days ahead of time to make sure electricity is on and everything will be in your name the day of the move. Once in your new home, you will want to focus on getting it organized and not on setting up utilities.
  2. Draw out where furniture should be set and think about the placement of larger items. This can save you a lot of rearranging after the move. Consider what will fit best in the room and which direction it will face based on the location of windows, fireplaces and the wiring for entertainment centers.
  3. Clean your new home before moving day, or ask your moving company to arrange for professional cleaning. It is faster and easier to clean a room that does not have any furniture or area rugs blocking the woodwork that needs dusting, or sitting on the floors that can be quickly washed without having to move large items.
  4. Be prepared to submit payment to your driver. Most moving companies will accept cash, traveler’s checks, money order or cashier’s check. Credit card payments must be prearranged if you are using a United Van Lines agent like Lint.

When Your Moving Truck Arrives

  1. Make sure that you are at home and ready to go when the truck arrives. Your driver will contact you 24 hours before your move for confirmation.
  2. Have 2 people at your new home. One person should make sure everything on the inventory list is unloaded. The other should tell movers where you want things to be set.
  3. Get a babysitter for young children. Keeping them occupied or out of the house reduces risk of injury and stress that they may cause by demanding your attention.
  4. Have pets in a safe place, where they will not sneak out of an open door. You would hate to have them get out of the house on any day. Having a pet lost in a neighborhood where they don’t know their way around town and don’t consider your new house their home makes finding them even more difficult.
  5. If you find that there are missing items on your inventory list, call your United Van Lines Agent right away, so we can look for it, and file a loss claim if needed.
  6. Movers should reassemble anything they disassembled when they moved it including beds. If they don’t do that before they leave, call your moving company right away.
  7. Let movers know if there are any other services you would like them to provide such as unpacking. This can be done for an additional charge.

Let Lint United Van Lines help with the heavy lifting, and call today if you are planning a move. We can help with all of your packing, moving, unpacking and assembly needs for local and long-distance moves.

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