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How to Prepare For a Cross Country Move

How to Prepare For a Cross Country Move

Your cross country move is a big deal. It may be scary and labor intensive, and you may not be sure where to start. There are some simple things you can do so that your move has a smoother transition.

Whether you are downsizing or up-sizing, your move across the U.S. is a new start.

Clean – “Spring Cleaning” Can Be Done Any Time!

If you are the “average American,” you have been too busy to deep clean your house or apartment over the past few years. Now that you’re moving, it’s time to go through every room and clean, whether you are selling it, or just moving out and letting a property manager deal with the rest.

Wipe down the furniture with furniture cleaner to get the majority of the dust off, clean the mirrors and get all of the change, pens and other small items out of the couch. This will make it easier for your moving company to leave you with less work once the house is empty, and will allow you to have everything placed in your new home without dragging in extra dirt and dust.

Purge Your Unwanted Items

No matter how organized you are, there are always items that you keep just in case you need them, like fitting into them again someday or wanting to pick up that hobby again someday.
fit into them again someday, or want to pick up that hobby again someday. If you haven’t touched it in a year, you can probably get rid of it without missing it.

Go through paperwork that has been piling up. Everybody has those important documents that they have kept for 3 years, and are no longer that important.

If you have children, it’s time for them to help go through the toys, or have them go away for a day so you can make things disappear.

What to Do With Furniture and Appliances

If you love your sofa or have a one of a kind accent table, you may want to move it across the country, but there are some things that are easier to replace and not worth the hassle. When it comes to furniture and appliances, you need to make sure they will fit into the space you’re moving, as well as they do in your current house. Size and color matter, and you don’t want to move a large item just to have to get rid of it and buy a new one later.

Hire the Right Moving Company

A good moving company staff can make light work of a tough job and get your possessions moved safely to your new home. Not only will a moving company have a big enough moving truck to relocate you, they also have the right packing materials, furniture blankets and appliance carts.

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